From Boring to Awesome Notebooks!

You probably think what is Mirja talking about, but I mean by doing small things you can make a big change!! In this instance I used the boring notebooks I received at a seminar; logo of the company pressed in the front of the notebook and the colors are not really appealing. I love these notebooks; you can use them for indeed simple notebooks but also Travel Journals (see link in my Travel Tips), scrapbooks and diary. So it’s time to make the notebooks personal and awesome with just a small effort, just use your creativity!!

Tip: You can do this trick not only for notebooks, but other books (and not even books) you like to transform too.From boring to awesome notebooks, Creativity Tips and inspirations BlogWhat do you need to make Awesome Notebooks?

  • Boring Notebooks…..
  • Paper: like adhesive paper, magazine papers and wrapping paper, I even used wallpaper!
  • Glue
  • Washi tape: nice to have a choice of different colors and prints
  • Scissors

How to make Awesome Notebooks!

Sorry I have not made a Video myself how to cover the notebooks. There are several ways to do it; I found a video how I normally wrap my books (kaften in Dutch). Normally you don’t have to use glue to cover the notebook, but I do use glue. This to make the paper more fixed and not too loose around the book and I use the washi tape even on inside to make it more decorative when you open the book. If you want to change the cover paper now and then you better don’t glue it of course!!

From boring to awesome notebooks, Creativity Tips and inspirations BlogIf you have not a full paper to cover the whole book, you can split them in half and use two different patterns on your notebook; this could happen when you use magazine paper. I use the washi tape to pimp the corners of the notebook, this to protect but it is also decorative. I do the same with the spine of the book; see here some examples.

From boring to awesome notebooks, Creativity Tips and inspirations BlogTip: You can finish the covered books with adhesive plastic, this for better protection of the book. I choose not to, save the planet and don’t use too much plastic!!

Be Creative!!!

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