Travel Stunning El Salvador

The reputation of El Salvador is not the best and it often receives bad press due to the gang violence. I didn’t experience anything bad or had any trouble in this beautiful country with super friendly people. It has a lot to offer; the best coffee in the world, world-class surf, volcanic scenery, countless waterfalls and helpful people. This Central American county is not touristic like the countries around El Salvador, it is more of a pas through destination. See below why you definitely you should visit El Salvador on your journey.

Where to go in El Salvador

So don’t hesitate to travel to El Salvador at least La Costa del Bálsamo and party in El Tunco and/or surf in El Zonte and. These coastal villages are know for the surf and you can easily rent a board and try to catch some waves. Don’t forget to eat the local dish: Pupusa. But the sunsets in the ocean with palm trees in the back are with the trip too. Next to this visit the lovely Ruta de las Flores. The small authentic villages are worth the trip in the local bus. Visit a coffee plantation and shop local souvenirs at one of the markets. El Salvador is cheap compared to the rest of Central America and the people are very friendly. Of course you have to be careful, but I traveled with local busses and organized transport and all went very well. And all this as a solo-female traveler! Check all my separate blogs on El Salvador and Instagram for more impressions. You will have a great time in this still forgotten country stuck between Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Beach with surf in El Zonte El Salvador, El Salvador Travel Blog

Easygoing El Zonte

I’m a beach girl for the ones that don’t know me. Beside the beach I love the ocean too and love to surf the waves as long they...
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Sunset over the rocks in El Tunco El Salvador, El Salvador Travel Blog

Surf, Chill and Party in El Tunco

There is a lot going on in El Tunco!! You can find accommodation for every budget here in El Tunco. And the same for the restaurants; trendy healthy...
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Surfer El Zonte Tips El Salvador, El Salvador Travel Blog

Tips before you travel to El Salvador

I traveled to El Salvador after Honduras, it was an easy transition. At similar cost, maybe even cheaper, Spanish speaking country, same kind of food and kind people....
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Villages Juayúa, Ataco and Apaneca on the Ruta de las Flores El Salvador, El Salvador Travel Blog

Explore Ruta de las Flores

I love flowers; that is why the Ruta de Las Flores (Route of Flowers) in El Salvador appealed to me. But I didn’t see that many flowers along...
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