Stunning El Salvador

The reputation of El Salvador is not the best and it often receives bad press due to the gang violence. I didn’t experience anything bad or had any trouble in this beautiful country with super friendly people. It has a lot to offer; the best coffee in the world, world-class surf, volcanic scenery, countless waterfalls and helpful people. So don’t hesitate to visit El Salvador at least La Costa del Bálsamo and party in El Tunco and/or surf in El Zonte and visit the lovely Ruta de las Flores. You will have a great time in this still forgotten country stuck between Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Explore Ruta de las Flores

I love flowers; that is why the Ruta de Las Flores (Route of Flowers) in El Salvador appealed to me. But I didn’t see that many flowers along...
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Surf, Chill and Party in El Tunco

There is a lot going on in El Tunco!! You can find accommodation for every budget here in El Tunco. And the same for the restaurants; trendy healthy...
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Easygoing El Zonte

I’m a beach girl for the ones that don’t know me. Beside the beach I love the ocean too and love to surf the waves as long they...
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Tips before you travel to El Salvador

I traveled to El Salvador after Honduras, it was an easy transition. At similar cost, maybe even cheaper, Spanish speaking country, same kind of food and kind people. I...
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