From Boring to Awesome Notebooks!

You probably think what is Mirja talking about, but I mean by doing small things you can make a big change!! In this instance I used the boring notebooks I received at a seminar; logo of the company pressed in the front of the notebook and the colors are not really appealing. I love these notebooks; you can use them … Read More

Loving Lettering

I love to do hand lettering! What is hand lettering you wonder? It is an art of drawing letters, it is not calligraphy. With calligraphy you are writing and with hand lettering you are drawing. That is a big difference; with calligraphy you write the letters at ones in one smooth movement. While with hand lettering you can create somethings … Read More

Use the Small Spaces

Perhaps this is soooo obvious, but use the small spaces and decorate it in your own style. This way you create another place to sit and enjoy instead the place is not being used. For example my small balcony at the back of my house, it’s only 50 cm wide! Probably not many people will use it and ignore the … Read More

Display & Storage

I didn’t know before I bought my house that I love to decorate so much. I really found out what I liked and how to design my house without any help. I learned by doing it. All pieces came together, with a lot of positive reactions from friends and family. I know this is not easy for everybody so here … Read More

Print your Pictures!

I am a fan of making table books with the photos of my latest holiday trip. The photos look so much prettier than only online. It is perhaps a bit old school, but it is a backup as well. When I put it down on the table, people tending to take it and look it through. Why Print your Pictures? … Read More