Use the Small Spaces

Perhaps this is soooo obvious, but use the small spaces and decorate it in your own style. This way you create another place to sit and enjoy instead the place is not being used. For example my small balcony at the back of my house, it’s only 50 cm wide! Probably not many people will use it and ignore the place. Not me, I made it very cozy with fake grass on the floor that feels to good on your bare feet!! And easier to put in there instead of wooden ramps, only needed a knife instead of a saw….. And as an independent women I could this all by myself! More decoration tips, check here!

Use the small spaces for decoration ideas in Creativity; Creativity Tips and inspirations BlogAt the local garden center bought these three items on sale, so it didn’t cost me that much, put some pillow and plait for decoration and easy does it. Added more space to my living environment and could spend more time in the sun to relax.

Tip: When I sit there, I put the table from outside to inside the room to create more space while drinking my tea. When finished I put the table back on the balcony. So use every space you have! 

Which parts of the house can you tackle to use in an optimal way!?! Let me know!

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