Flowers Rule

Flowers make the world go round. And this is very true; wherever you go, you see different types and species of flowers. Here in the Netherlands the Tulips rules, but in Bali the Frangipani is the holy flower. Flowers generate so much happiness and atmosphere in a room, garden, restaurants and offices. Flowers can’t be missed in any interior, don’t forget that!!

I normally buy fresh flowers every week or every other week, depending how long they last. Sometimes I buy more special ones for decoration and the other week simple cheap flowers.

Tip: Buy the flowers of the season! Don’t buy the Sunflowers in wintertime; they are not intense and expensive, if you can already get them in the first place. 

I can’t without flowers in my life. People, who know me, know me with a flower in my hair. See in my widget next to this blog. I have fake flowers in many colors and shapes and I match them with my clothing. When I was studying I worked at a garden center to get more income maybe that is where my love for flowers and plants is coming from!

Hope I gave you some inspirations on how to style the flowers, use different shapes of glasses and cut the flowers in not equals lengths; this give the flowers a playful look. See above the Easter version of some branches I bought.

Tip: Mix different flowers together, and replace the only old and dead ones with new flowers. By doing it this way you can enjoy your flowers longer and it is cheaper to replace only a couple of them!

Start decorating!!! 

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