Mind Issues

On this webpage I write blogs with tips and inspirations on dilemmas we all have to deal with, related to our Mind. You have to think about; My life without kids, age in relation to my body, having no relationship, dealing with insecurities and so on. But also Tips for Life Editing and more resent blog on How to survive the Corona Quarantine. I think real topics where women can relate to. I’m very open and will express myself in a vulnerable way. Hope you can relate to the topics I will discuss here.

As a single women in my late forties, I experienced a lot of mental and physical hurdles. Let’s put it this way. As I experienced in my life, all issues are relative but that is what you learn over the years. Our state of mind is growing but it is all relative in the hope you we remain healthy and happy. And for one thing for sure, nobody is perfect! I hope with my blogs, I will inspire you to deal with the basic “problems” we have to deal with. Take care and check my Instagram for up to date suggestions and stories.

I’m not a doctor or a specialist but here you can find dilemmas we all face and suggestion how other people deal with this topic. Hope you can relate to my blogs. In my Mind page, I will write blogs on the mental health. Food and recipe inspiration blogs are provided on my Food page, please check all is related to the state of Mind and Body!

Working from Home Corona Business

How to Survive the Corona Quarantine?!

For my job it was difficult to work from home before the Covid-19 crisis. But now I’m working from home since halfway March 2020! You have to be inventive and...
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Tidy Life Tidy Mind Mind Health

Tips for Life Editing

In the basis I’m an organized person. I work tidy and efficient, clean everything what I make dirty almost at the same time. My challenge is that I collect and...
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Wake-up Light advantages; Healthy Mind Tips and inspirations Blog

Waking-up Naturally and Energized!!

Getting out of bed is not my favorite part of the day I have to admit. Especially during these cold and dark winters here in Europe; it’s even harder to...
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How to Work on your Life Balance; Business and Mind Tips and Inspirations Blog

How to work on your Work-Life Balance?

Nowadays the Work-Life Balance is a topic that is broadly discussed. More and more people will get burn-outs and even at a younger age. A way to prevent this is...
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Learning from Netflix Mind; Body and Mind Health blog with Tips and Inspirations

Learning from Netflix

Netflix is indeed for many of us a great addiction. Hours after hours behind the TV, IPad or other mobile device in bed, on the couch or wherever you are....
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Insight with nature for blog Business; Business and Mind Tips and Inspirations Blog

The four Insights color Energies

I had the privilege to take and assessment with the Insights® Discovery tool. The outcome of the 30 minutes assessment was striking. How do they know me after a couple...
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Brilliant Failures Sign for blog Business; Business and Mind Tips and Inspirations Blog

“Brilliant Failures”

I had an interesting lecture from the Professor Paul Iske who is the founder and Chief Failure Officer (CFO) of the Institute of Brilliant Failures (in Dutch Instituut voor Briljante...
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