Write a Journal

Since I was a little kid I already wrote a travel journal during my travels with my family. I kept on writing when I was traveling alone. You will realize that you forget so many funny and typical things that cannot be covered by pictures. Reading back through your journals is so much fun. The mental pictures come alive!!

When we were younger we had family evenings where we watched the whole evening slides (in Dutch dia’s) on a big screen. Nowadays you don’t have that anymore, that sounds old, but the meaning is the same; get back to the holiday feeling with your memories on paper or photos.

For me it is not just a journal, it is a creative process. If you see my diaries, they are full with pencil colors, washi tape, stamps, tickets and paintings. I normally bring my book and tools with me to the restaurant when having lunch or dinner, killing the time and busy doing something.

Tip: Don’t wait too long with writing in your journal, you already forget so much; try to write daily or ones in the two days.

In my Creativity blog I inspire you, how to create a nice travel notebook, change it from a boring to a awesome travel notebook. Click here for the link!

Start Writing!!


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