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On this webpage I write blogs with tips and inspirations on dilemmas we all have to deal with, related to our body. Think about; getting grey hairs, getting wrinkles and treat my skin, how to deal with my changing weight and aging in general. But also how do I stay active? By walking, going to the gym, exercise in the gym or not, surf and many more. Thoughts about; do I need botox or do I stay natural? I’m not a doctor or a specialist but here you can find dilemmas we all face and suggestion how other people deal with this topic. Hope you can relate to my blogs.

As a single women in my late forties, I experienced a lot of mental and physical hurdles. Let’s put it this way. As I experienced in my life, all issues are relative but that is what you learn over the years. Our body is changing but it is all relative in the hope you we remain healthy and happy. And for one thing for sure, nobody is perfect! I hope with my blogs, I will inspire you to deal with the basic “problems” we have to deal with.

In my Mind page, I will write blogs on the mental health. Food and recipe inspirations are provided on my Food page, please check all is related to the state of Mind and Body! Please let me know if you have any suggestion and questions which you like to see in my blogs? Take care and check my Instagram for up to date suggestions and stories.

Fitness Machines at the gym, blog Body Health

Why Weight Lifting is Good for You?!

When I’m in a healthy modes I practice a lot of sports. I work out in the gym; for me the gym means fitness, working with dumbbells and fitness machines....
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Change your lifestyle, Body Health blog with Tips and Inspirations

Inspirations to Change your Lifestyle

I had a very inspiring presentation from Tamara de Weijer. Some background on Doctor de Weijer, doctor indeed she is a general practitioner. But what was it that triggered me...
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Environ Skincare: Go or no Go? Healthy Body and Mind Tips and inspirations

Environ Skin Care: Go or no Go?!

First of all; like all my recommendations on my website, these product are not sponsored! I’m just enthusiastic and like to inspire other people with my way of living. A...
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Charcoal Toothpaste Go or no Go? Healthy Body and Mind Tips and inspirations

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste: Go or no Go?!

I the magazine I got from the local Vitamin Store, I saw an advertisement of charcoal toothpaste. I’m an innovator and like to try new things so thought; Why not?...
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Fittergy toolbox for Sport Fasting or Sportvasten, Healthy Body and Mind Tips and inspirations

Fittergy Sport Fasting (Sportvasten)

As I already told you, I have a love hate relationship with food. I love it so much, especially my sweets, but I hate the results; gaining weight and not...
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How I handle my grey Hairs!; Healthy Body and Mind Tips and inspirations Blog

How I handle my Grey Hairs!

Hmmm this is a topic for probably many women and men. We all at some point have to deal with the grey hairs or get bold. For me the grey...
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Mascara use Tips Body Blog; Healthy Body and Mind Tips and inspirations Blog

Mascara issues?

Are you just like me always wondered why in summer and on warm holidays my mascara always works better than in wintertime?! Grrrr!! I don't use a lot of make-up...
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