Gorgeous Guatemala

What is Guatemala a divers country!! The extraordinary landscape differ from volcanic, to jungle, to beach to the mountains. And most important the historic culture is still alive in this traditional country. The Maya pyramids of Tikal are a lust for the eyes and give you the trills during the sunrise. Before and after Tikal you can relax at the island Flores. The Spanish left behind a stunning architecture which you can see mainly in Antigua. The natural scenery is superb; jungle in Río Dulce and Lívingston, unreal Semuc Champey and both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. And don’t forget the volcano panoramic views at Lago Atitlán. For every traveler there is reasons to visit this gorgeous Guatemala; it’s difficult not to love it!! So gooooo and explore, experience and enjoy this divers Central American country!!!

Flag Route Guatemala

Route for 3 weeks Guatemala

I visited Guatemala during my nine weeks travel through Central America. After Guatemala I went to Belize and got back to Guatemala to travel onward to Honduras and...
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Templo I back Tikal Guatemala

Tremendous Tikal

The Tikal National Park in the province of El Petén was declared World Cultural and Natural Heritage by the UNESCO in 1979. The park covers an area of...
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Sunrise Atitlán Guatemala

Stunning views around Lago Atitlán

This area is magical and mysterious!! The views are spectacular from which point or time you look at this lake surrounded with volcanoes. The sunrise views gave me...
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Río Dulce Guatemala

River cruising Río Dulce & Lívingston

Most of the tourists travel to this eastern part of Guatemala to go on the spectacular river cruise through the jungle and rainforest between the towns Río Dulce...
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View Flores Gueatemala

Fantastic Flores

The island town of Flores is in the north of Guatemala at Lago de Petén Itzá. Flores is segregated from the town on the mainland called Santa Elena;...
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Mirador Semuc Guatemala

Beautiful Semuc Champey

The most asked question when you travel to Guatemala is: "Should we go to Semuc Champey? Is it worth the whole journey?" In this blog I will describe...
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Signs Tips Guatemala

Tips before you go to Guatemala

Before you go to Guatemala make sure you are well prepared. See here my tips and inspirations that will help you to plan your holiday. Visa As a...
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Mirador Antigua Guatemala

Ancient Antigua

Without visiting Antigua; you haven't been in Guatemala!! This is the must-visit destination of Guatemala, but why?! I will give it a try but, the best way is...
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