Lunch Recipes

In my lunch food blogs you will find my favorite Lunch recipes like; hummus and grilled vegetablesnori spring rolls, healthy poke bowl, pumpkin soup and a lot more. In my blogs I will pick a specific ingredient that I describe in more details. So what are the benefits of for example sweet potato, avocado or pumpkin. This way I learned more on vegetables and their advantages, but hope you will learn more on the ingredients we eat too. I try not to cook with pre-fabricated sauces and mixes. They contain a lot of added ingredients and E numbers.

Most of my recipes are simple, not with too many ingredients and mainly low in carbohydrates. This is better for my body weight and I feel more active eating less carbs. I normally make my dinner meals on Sunday and eat them for the coming days and put some in the freezer. This way I save time and I have always a good meal at hand for more busy times. But this is my way of cooking, perhaps you can use on recipe for your whole family at once. I just want to inspire you with the cooking and plating!

Recipes related to my Travel

A lot of my food recipes are inspired by my traveling around the world. I also do cooking classes to learn the local cuisine; for example Sri Lanka, Tel Aviv, Bali and Mexico. I must admit I’m not a professional cook, but love to be creative and cooking is a way to be creative in the kitchen. I hope you will be inspired by my recipes and my travel blogs at the same time. All recipes are, easy to make, mostly healthy and most important very delicious! Check my Instagram Mirja’s Inspirations to see more food and travel blog inspirations! See you there!

Nori Omelet Wrap Lunch, Food Healthy Food recipes and inspirations blog

Nori Omelet Wrap with Salmon

I don't make lunches too often. During the week I have a salad for lunch at work, so pretty easy. In the weekends I normally go out with friends for...
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Recipe Hummus with grilled vegetables lunch Meal; Healthy Food recipes and inspirations Blog

Lunch recipe: Hummus with grilled vegetables

I already made hummus before I even left to Tel Aviv, I love hummus!!!! This time I used the herbs that I bought at the Carmel Market to make this...
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Creamy Avocado Bowl Breakfast Food; Healthy Food recipes and inspirations Blog

Creamy Avocado Bowl

Sunday morning; after a late great sunset surf session I woke up hungry! I used my creative mind to make myself a good and filling breakfast. I can tell you,...
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Poke Bowl Tuna Homemade Dinner and lunch Food, Food Blog Recipes and Inspirations

Healthy Salmon or Tuna Poke Bowl!

I love Poke Bowls!! Poke is pronounced poh-keh and the word means to cut in Hawaiian. All the ingredients are cut in eatable portions and include raw fish marinated in soy...
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Homemade easy French Toast Food Healthy Food recipes and inspirations

Fruity French Toast

Sunday morning again!! I'm into something new, healthy, fresh and filling. I looked in my fridge and found bread, eggs, milk and some red fruit. Oatmeal? No, something new French...
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Simple Spring Rolls Lunch Meal; Healthy Food recipes and inspirations Blog

Simple Spring Rolls

In the summer you don't want to stand in the kitchen too long to prepare your food. This recipe for spring rolls is super easy, fresh and healthy at the...
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Vegetable Tortilla, Food Recipes and Inspirations

Easy Vegetable Tortilla

I don't make that much lunch dishes. I lunch at work were they offer a broad range of healthy options, so no need to bring my own salad. In the...
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Pumpkin Soup with proteins for lunch or dinner, Food Healthy Food recipes and inspirations

Pumpkin Soup with Chicken and Goat Cheese

It's autumn and for me that means: Pumpkin Soup! I love to make soups, it's so easy to make, healthy and you have food for a couple of days. One hour...
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Chestnut Mushroom Soup, Food Healthy Food recipes and inspirations Blog

Chestnut-Mushroom Soup with Pancetta

As a tradition we organize a Christmas dinner every year the weekend before Christmas with five girlfriends including their partners. This year we decided to prepare the dinner ourselves instead...
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