After a surf session in Playa El Palmar, Spain

Nice to meet you!!

Let me start to introduce myself. My name is Mirja Ciere a single 48 years old (OMG, not feeling like that at all, 40 is the new 30 right….?) woman living in the Netherlands. Actually I’m living in Scheveningen close to Den Haag, a very nice beach town. All my life a lived close to the beach and I can admit I can’t live without it.

Having no kids allows me to be very flexible in my free time for example to run, hang out and surf with one of my many friends at the beach. The greatest hobby of me is travelling, most of the time alone. I prefer to travel alone, because then you get to know the real you and I have met the most interesting people that made me to who I am today.

What Do I Love?

Cooking is what I love to do too, not always I have to confess. But especially in the weekends I prepare myself a nice healthy special meal. I’m eager to learn new things. Recently I started to learn the Spanish language, which came in very handy with my travels to South and Middle America. Building this website from scratch was a next achievement where I used my creativity and having some IT experience could be very useful in the future.

My job as a Derivatives Sales at NIBC Bank N.V., I take very seriously and I like to work in a challenging environment with professional people. One of my moto’s is: “Work hard but play hard too!! “ My work life balance is important to me, it helps that I can cycle (indeed a real Dutchy) to my work.

Jumping on the Salt fields of Uyuni, Bolivia

Posing in Tarifa, Spain

Why Let Me Inspire You?

People describe me as: positive, friendly, open, easy going and down to earth, emphatic, high of energy, fun & humor but serious, dedicated and passionate too.

What I hope is that I can inspire you with my posts on all the inspiring topics above like: travel, food, body, mind, business and creativity.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions for me or let me know your inspirations!!

Enjoy my Inspirations, follow me on Instagram and pass it on!!

Thank you, “Gracias” and “Bedankt”,