Discover Honduras

I only went to Honduras on my way from Guatemala to El Salvador; so not to long unfortunately. Honduras is not known for the safest country in Central America and often avoided due to its dangerous image. I went to the most touristic town of the country Copán. I found the place really vibrant and fascinating. I wanted to go to the Bay of Islands at the Caribbean coast but I found the travel a bit complicated from Belize. After my visit in Copán, Honduras changed my opinion; friendly people, cheap, good roads and nice accommodation. Perhaps will come back to discover the rest of this beautiful country. For now only Copán Ruinas!

Town of Copán Ruinas

The town of Copán Ruinas, simply called Copán; is a beautiful place located in the hills and the streets are paved with cobblestones close, to the border of...
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Tips before you travel to Honduras

I traveled to Honduras after Guatemala, it was an easy transition. At similar cost, maybe even cheaper, Spanish speaking country, same kind of food and  kind people. Here...
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