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I didn’t know before I bought my house that I love to decorate so much. I really found out what I liked and how to design my house without any help. I learned by doing it. All pieces came together, with a lot of positive reactions from friends and family. I know this is not easy for everybody so here some interior and decoration tips which could be of any help.

I chose a couple of of main colors as a basis; grey, white, black, the brown of the floor and the real color turquoise of course; like the color of the tropical ocean and the green of the plants. Decide what colors you like as a base and then choose one or two more colorful colors for the details and accessories.

When I bought my house I was looking for combination of a display and storage item. I wanted to see my souvenirs from my traveling and store my books in a nice way. At the same time I wanted to put away the items that I didn’t want to see behind doors where I could still get them when needed but keep it all clean and clear. I found this Italian made closet that fulfilled my needs in a perfect way, modern and matched the requirements above.  In my opinion you have to have nice and more exclusive items in your room. I’m a big fan of Ikea too, but not everything, if you understand what I mean.

Closest and Storage and Display for decorations in Creativity; Creativity Tips and inspirations BlogTip: Try to combine cheaper furniture and then vary with more exclusive furniture, which most of the time are more expensive too but they work as an eye-catcher

Try to be original and try not to put to many lose items everywhere in the room, this makes it messy. Group your items together on a table or window. This way it looks organized and ease the place, see the small black table with the flowers on it, all decoration items are grouped together.

Good luck with decorating your interior!!! Check my instagram for regular decorating inspirations!


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