Print your Pictures!

I am a fan of making table books with the photos of my latest holiday trip. The photos look so much prettier than only online. It is perhaps a bit old school, but it is a backup as well. When I put it down on the table, people tending to take it and look it through.

As a creative person, I was looking for something special in my home to display my visited countries. Searched a lot and came to the following wallpaper in my study. After that I printed the tiny pictures and put them at the corresponding places and countries. Gives a great overview and a pleasure to look at; at the same time dream away by my memories and of course planning my next trip!

My bathroom needed more decoration, via internet I found the Instawall decoration. I created an acrylic glass square with 36 pictures taken in 20 different countries with the beach theme.

Besides these photobooks, small photos on the wallpaper, Instawall; I also have the normal prints in different sizes and material of frames on a shelf. I change them now and then to keep up to date.

So pick your inspiration of which method will work for you, or just like me all of them!!!

Start Printing!!

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