Print your Pictures!

I am a fan of making table books with the photos of my latest holiday trip. The photos look so much prettier than only online. It is perhaps a bit old school, but it is a backup as well. When I put it down on the table, people tending to take it and look it through. Why Print your Pictures? … Read More

Searching for Souvenirs

I’m a big fan of local souvenirs. Of course you have to be picky; you can end up with crap!! Why bring souvenirs? Why not!! Souvenirs are original, you are helping the local people (see it as charity), it brings back memories when you use or see the object that you bought. Buying it in the original country is often … Read More

Write a Journal

Since I was a little kid I already wrote a travel journal during my travels with my family. I kept on writing when I was traveling alone. You will realize that you forget so many funny and typical things that cannot be covered by pictures. Reading back through your journals is so much fun. The mental pictures come alive!! Why … Read More