West Sardinia: Oristano & Sinis Peninsula

In this travel blog you can find your inspirations of the highlights in West Sardinia. For example surf in Putzu Idu, sleep, shop and eat in Oristano, chill at Is Aruttas, enjoy the amazing view at Roman Tharros, sleep in Riola Sardo and spot dozens of flamingos at Stagno di Cabras!!

Flamingo Cabras in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsOristano

Oristano is the main city of West Sardinia and has a gracious historic centre and laid-back atmosphere. It has great shopping streets, piazzas, popular cafes and good restaurants. I noticed it was more modern and trendy than than the cities I have seen so far, besides the beautiful historical buildings like the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta.

Cattedrale Oristano in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsI booked the centrally located Duomo Albergo Hotel the same day that I arrived here. The hotel has nice traditional rooms and a perfect breakfast. The city centre is within walking distance and could park the  car in front of the hotel. All in all a very comfortable hotel for 78 EUR per night.

Doumo Albergo in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsTip: I looked in the booking.com app for available accommodations in Oristano, I was in the area and drove to the hotel and booked the hotel directly after looking if the room was ok; negotiated a discount as well! If you are close to the hotel just check by yourself instead booking via the app!

Before going to dinner there is time to shop and this town has some great shops! Italia is known for the design and shoes of course. It was end of summer Sale and lucky me all the “bigger shoes”, were left behind; so got myself two pairs of size 39!!

A good recommendation the hotel gave me, was the restaurant Cocco & Dessi at Via Tursi, close to Piazza Roma. I liked this restaurant, because it was full with local people celebrating weddings and anniversaries. The food was superb; I had the Ravioli in cresto.

Restaurant Ravioli Oristano in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsTip: I did make the reservation for the restaurant before I went shopping; this way you can check the atmosphere and menu of the restaurant at the same time. 

Besides all this inspirations above Oristano is perfect located in the area to visit the surroundings like Is Auttas, Tharros and Putzu Idu. The small town of Riola Sardo North of Oristano has a highly recommended hotel called Hotel Lucrezia; a old farmhouse with rustic-chic decor. I stayed here one night; it was the most expensive hotel (164 EUR) of my holiday, but all was very comfortable with a inner garden and pergola with a fig three. This is the decor under where you have both dinner and breakfast; which were delicious and so fresh.

Sinis Penninsula

This peninsula has great diversity; great beaches, historical ancient ruins, views and flamingos!

Is Aruttas Beach

It is one of the peninsula’s most famous and crowded beaches. It has the shape of an arc full of white sand in front of the translucent aquamarine ocean. It is illegal to take the quartz sand. In front of the beach there are two restaurants where you can get the basic food.

Is Aruttas beach in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsI went on a Sunday and the beach was packed with colorful sun umbrellas so I went to the other side of the rocks where it was more quiet with the same white quartz sand. Perfect beach to chill, snorkel a bit and work on my tan.

White quarts on Is Aruttas beach in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsPutzu Idu Beach

This beach is north of the Peninsula and known for its surf and other water-sports. And you already guessed it, not during my stay… but I found the surf shop called Is Benas Surf Club where you can rent boards and take lessons. They also have accommodation, but that was full. The beach is amazing same story again, white and blue. The small surf beach has a lot of dead seaweed in the bay, very thick and a lot.

Putzu Idu surf in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsTharros & Torre di San Giovanni

Tharros has a great history that was founded in the late 8th century BC by Phoenicians. The remainders of the buildings you see are from later around 2 to 3rd centuries AD. You can enter the archeological site for 6 EUR.

Tharos site in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsI walked up to the tower of San Giovanni where you can have a look on the site and the rest of the area. I really sat down for a while here, to absorb the beauty and feel the history of this particular spot. It was the end of the day almost before sunset and the weather was getting clouded, so pictures are not too bright….

View San Giovanni in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsOn the way back you can also see the one of the two oldest churches in Sardinia; Cheese di San Giovanni di Sinis. The church is made of limestones but repaired in the 11th century.

Church San Giovanni in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsFlamingos in Stagno di Cabras

I heard that you can spot flamingos in the Peninsula as well. I asked the hotel in Riola Sardo how to get these beautiful creatures. I will tell you how to get there: take the SP272 from Oristano to Riola Sardo in the northern direction, after the bridge when you leave Riola Sardo, turn to the right; you are on the SP66 now. When you see a sign of the Agriturismo Bachile Bertula take that dirt road. Follow that dirt road through the farmers fields. Spot the flamingos on your right hand site.

Landscape with flamingos in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsTip: Drive into the fields and walk slowly through the fields to the flamigos, if they hear and see you; be ready with your camera they will fly away. They are very scared!! 

Flying flamingos in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsIf you don’t spot them drive further on the dirt road, there are more spots where they can fly to. Eventually you will cross the SP7 road. Of course you have to be lucky to see them, so don’t blame me if you can’t, but here some shots I made during my adventure.

Three flying flamingos in West Sardinia, Sardinia Travel Blog InspirationsThe entire Peninsula is worth to take a visit; diversity in nature, beaches and historical culture. And you don’t need to do everything. I didn’t visit the ruins inside, but took a view from above. This saves time and money and you still got the feeling. I preferred to search for the flamingos, but maybe other people don’t like to do that. Pick you own favorite but knowing it is all there!!! Going more South to Costa Verde and Iglesias ? Click here.

Fino a tardi West Sardinia!!! 


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