Waking-up Naturally and Energized!!

Getting out of bed is not my favorite part of the day I have to admit. Especially during these cold and dark winters here in Europe; it’s even harder to get out of my warm nest! But I have found something that makes this process a little bit more comfortable. And of course I don’t get paid to tell you this!! I use a Philips Wake-up Light for many years now. I started writing this blog after a conversation at work with my colleagues, where we discussed that in the darker morning months it’s so hard to get out of bed. I told them that I use a well inventive alarm, the Wake-up Light!

How does the Wake-Up Light work?

The basis of this innovative alarm is based on the rising sun in the morning. The alarm even looks like a small sun…. I normally need to wake up at 7.00 AM. My Wake-up Light gradually starts to give a yellow light at 6.30 AM; it slowly gives more and more light during this half hour. So the light brings you slightly out of your sleeping modus and the brightening light stimulates your body to wake up naturally. At 7.00 AM; the build in radio starts to play, which also gradually sounding louder. Snoozing is an option too.

Wake-up Light advantages; Healthy Mind Tips and inspirations BlogThis way you don’t wake up in a big shock of the alarm in an obscure room. The room is already lightened up, without getting out of bed or reaching out; which makes it very comfortable!! You can adjust both the strength of the lights and the sound of the music. You can even change the alarm noises from radio to singing birds or ocean wave sounds.

Tip: I change the waking up sound from radio to birds or ocean waves in the weekend, waking up more chilling and knowing its weekend too; only if you have to set an alarm in the weekend of course!

Light Therapy Does it Work?

On the Philips website they say:

“Philips is expert in lighting and we have done clinical research to ensure that the Wake-up Light wakes you as naturally as possible, so that you wake up more energized. The studies demonstrated and proved the effects of the Wake-up Light on the overall awakening process. Not only it awakens you in a more natural way, but also makes you wake up more energetically and in a better mood. They even call this a Light therapy product.”

The costs vary from 60 EUR to double the price, depending on which version and what options you choose on the Wake-up Light. Further I can confirm all the above; although the better mood is not always the case. It helps definitively but my mood is not only depending on my way of waking up! I recommended the Wake-up Light to my family and friends and they are enthusiastic too. For me the Wake-up Light is a must have in your bedroom and perfect tool in your easy waking up process!!

Tip: The Wake-up Light can be used as a reading light too and it even has a night modus to fall asleep in (reverse waking-up modus).

Sleep Tight!!

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