Learning from Netflix

Netflix is indeed for many of us a great addiction. Hours after hours behind the TV, IPad or other mobile device in bed, on the couch or wherever you are. I felt a bit guilty I had to admit, of course it is great entertainment and there is enough to see even educative series. So I should not be too guilty right?!

How to learn from Netflix?

But I gave it a twist to make it more educative. I am learning Spanish as you probably know and I watched all the Narcos, Pablo Escobar and La Casa de Papel seasons in order to hear the Spanish. Sometimes I switch the subtitles to Spanish and narration in English. At the moment both in Spanish is too much!! No need to watch only the Spanish speaking series, for example House of Cards has also subtitles in Spanish.

Learning from Netflix Mind; Body and Mind Health blog with Tips and InspirationsTip: Check in advance in which languages the subtitles are available for the series, before you know you are hooked to a new series and not learning anything, but is that harm anyway……….?!?!?

This way I am practicing my Spanish and English and enjoy myself with the entertainment and feel less guilty. Now need to practice my speaking……..any suggestions?!

Which language do you like to learn!? Check more mind blogs here!


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