Three Days in Prague

I love to do a city trip or a short trip before the summer here in Holland. May is the perfect month to visit a European city, not too warm and not too cold either. I never had been to Prague and I must admit I am not really keen of the Eastern European countries, but I heard Prague is a nice historical town. So I gave it a chance and it surprised me in a good way. Of course it has no beach…but it has the river Vltava that splits the capital city of the Czech Republic into two parts.

Prague has a rich history and a lot of historical highlights and museums; you can walk endlessly through the nice neighborhoods like Malá Strana and the Old City. You can find exclusive boutiques, make boat tour on the river or picnic in the park, attend a classical performance or drink the cheap beers where the Czech Republic is known for by bachelor’s parties. Prague is a classical city trip!!

In total I spent 3 days and 3 nights in Prague. This is enough to see the city. Bare in mind if you really want to see the city, the best way is to walk, walk and walk. And some parts are going uphill …so be prepared! See here my suggestion for the walks for the tree days; of course you can switch the days by your own preference or combine and mix up:

Day 1: From neighborhood Malá Strana up the Petřin Hill to Kampa Island

Day 2: From Prague Castle and the Royal Garden to the Jewish Quarter

Day 3: Cross the famous Charles Bridge to the Old City and walk direct to the New City

My hotel was in the Malá Strana neighborhood, which was a good basis to see the whole city. I stayed at the original boutique Vintage Design Hotel Sax with a great service and including an extended breakfast. I had the top room, so had great view on the Castle and over the rest of Prague!!!

In the Czech Republic the official currency is the Czech Koruna (CZK), 22 CZK for 1 USD. The Czech people do speak English but not everybody, but Prague is a touristic place so you will manage yourself.

Overall the local Czech cuisine is not my style, a lot of meat, goulash, potatoes, very rich soups and not too many vegetables. The Czech people eat warm twice a day, for lunch and dinner. I went to the more foreign restaurants like vegetarian, Vietnamese and Italian restaurants.

See below the blogs for each day, Enjoy!!

From Charles Bridge to the Old & New City

In 1357 Charles IV ordered to replace the bridge which had been washed away by floods in 1342. The new bridge was completed in 1390 and named after Charles in...
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From Prague Castle to Jewish Quarter

From my hotel in Malá Strana I could directly see one side of the Prague Castle or Pražský hrad, which is said to be one of the largest closed palace...
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From Malá Strana up Petřin Hill to Kampa

Like I said my hotel was located in the Malá Strana neighborhood, behind this area of houses and building a great park is located. You have to be in for...
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