From Prague Castle to Jewish Quarter

From my hotel in Malá Strana I could directly see one side of the Prague Castle or Pražský hrad, which is said to be one of the largest closed palace complexes in the world. The Caslte is located in the Hradčany district and is considered the most popular attraction in Prague. In the 9th century they started building this Castle where you could see a diverse collection of architectural styles which gives you a fairy-tale feeling.

You can buy several museum tickets that allow you in different parts of the Castle for two days. See this website for tickets. I didn’t buy a ticket at all and could walk around the whole area. I even saw a performance, because it was the opening of the Museum season, lucky me!!

Before seeing the whole Castle I walked crossed the Castle to the Royal Gardens which are surrounding the castle, here you find less people and you have a perfect view to the other side of the Castle. The garden is perfectly landscaped and full of beautiful and amazing flowers in many colors.

Tip: I would not walk all the way to the end of the garden, just halfway or so; save your energy for the remainder of the route.

Within the walls of the Castle you can find a variety of historic buildings and fascinating museums and galleries. Some are real Czech Republic’s greatest artistic and cultural gems like the St Vitus Cathedral. This Cathedral St Vitus is one of the most gifted cathedrals in central Europe. It is an important base to the religious and cultural life of the Czech Republic. Wander around, take your time, there is so much beauty to see. I could really see how they lived here back in the days.

Walk all the way down on the Jiřská street, here you walk out of the Castle again (or for others entering). Strange enough you pass some wine yards and restaurants here. The wine yards surprised me in the middle of the city!

Walk all the way down to the Pod Broskou and turn right, follow this street and turn at the crossing to the right to the Letenská street. At the end you have to turn right again at a brown gate. Here you find the Wallenstein Palace (Valdštejnský palác) and Gardens. Here are often, and I was lucky, open air concerts. The garden has a huge pond and a maze where you could get lost…

After that the Wallenstein Palace go back to the river and cross the Mánes Bridge (Mánesův most), you walk directly into the Jewish Quarter. This is formally the old ghetto of Prague. Here you find six synagogues, a cemetery and the ceremonial hall which is now part of the Jewish Museum. You can book guided tours here; I just walked by myself and listened in now and then. Just stroll around and let the atmosphere get to you.

This is also the place to get your lunch or have a drink; here are enough good looking restaurants with trendy people and you will see exclusive cars passing by. I had lunch an Italian restaurant called PastaCaffé at Vězeňská 1 next to the Spanish Synagogue, which have great pasta and a nice terrace outside with a lot of expats.

A good start of the day is a coffee and cake at this very light and modern café full of plants, great vibe here at the Mistral Café at Valentinská 11.

I found it a pleasure to walk through the Jewish Quarter; next to the old synagogues you can see beautiful art nouveau buildings and chic streets like Pařížská. This is THE most expensive shopping street of Prague; here you can find the Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci shops. Next to these shops you can find trendy pop up and concept stores and original boutiques, more my kind of shops!

See below the next walk for the next day!

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