From Malá Strana up Petřin Hill to Kampa

Like I said my hotel was located in the Malá Strana neighborhood, behind this area of houses and building a great park is located. You have to be in for a long and steep walk up a hill, but you will be rewarded with nice view over whole Prague.

To get there follow the main road Nerudova up hill. Almost on top you take go to the right to climb the stairs up. Not the road back, but the stairs! Keep walking on the road called Loreanska than runs into Pohorelec, turn left where you have several galleries like the Miro and Strahov and the Strahov Monastery. The best part is the restaurant Bellavista, like the name already says; you have the beautiful view over the “City of Hundred Towers” from this point. Have a break and enjoy the scenery and prepare for you hike up the hill.

Walk all the way further into the park with up the Petřin Hill (318 meters high), there are several routes to take, signs will guide you to the top. If you are not into walking up the hill they made a train that runs from the other side of the park that will bring you in two stops to the top of the hill. But the sportive people walk of course!! As reward you can see the Petřintower, a replica of the Eiffel tower.

The whole area is just nice to stroll around; in this part you find a nice garden with a lot of different flowers and plants. From here you can start your decent. I found out that this is the less touristic route; the main crowed went up with the train. The walk ended where the train departs…..but what a line with people waiting. So good choice to do the walk the other way around!

When you turn right into the park, you see on you right hand side the impressive, almost scary statues next to the Hunger Wall, in 1362 poor people build this wall in exchange for food, as a result of communism.

Time for a break! At Café Lounge at Plaská 8 or a little bit further the more busy famous Café Savoy at Vítězná 5 you can get a good coffee. Both of these Cafés have an authentic Eastern Europe feeling.

If you walk further, stay on this side of the river and you walk on the Kampa Island or called the “Venice” of Prague. You don’t realize it, but looking on the map you can see this part is surrounded by water. From here you have great view on the main Prague attraction the Charles Bridge. On the right hand side you see an inland in the river. Walk further into the park with the Kampa museum, here you can find modern art by artist from Central and Eastern Europe. In this park a lot of activities are organized.

Walking a little bit further, it gets more touristic, with a lot of food and souvenir shops, walk under the bridge to the other side where you have the Franz Kafka Museum and a nice fountain. You are still on the same side of the river! I went to the restaurant Hergetova Cihelna, which means excellent food and service. The view was the most the spectacular, first row to watch the Charles Bridge. White wine in the hand, perfect day so far!

A good vegetarian restaurant in Malá Strana on Nerudova 36 is called Vegan’s Prague. The view from the terrace is phenomenal.

Next walk see below!


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