Tips before you travel to El Salvador

I traveled to El Salvador after Honduras, it was an easy transition. At similar cost, maybe even cheaper, Spanish speaking country, same kind of food and kind people. I experienced that El Salvador is less touristy than neighbor Guatemala. El Salvador is usually skipped mainly due to the negative and violent headlines in the news; of which I didn’t notice … Read More

South Sardinia: Cagliari

My flight to Amsterdam departs from Cagliari; the capital and largest city of Sardinia. Here you go back in time and see the history while you walk trough the Il Castello neighborhood; have dinner at one of the many restaurants in the Marina and check out the long stretched city beach at Poetto. Il Castello Neighborhood Il Castello is in my … Read More

How I deal with a Jet Lag!

Yes!!! Looking forward to your far tropical and adventures destination!!! But how to deal with a (big) time difference compared to your home time zone. The jet lag could really be a pain in the ass. Why and where is it coming from? Here some tips and inspirations on how I to get through a jet lag in the best possible way. … Read More

Packing your Backpack, Suitcase or Trolley

Some people pack their bags only one day or even hours in advance. I’m already starting a week before I leave. Every time I think of something I put it already down in my suitcase. When I am in the supermarket I buy extra and put it away for the holiday. This way I don’t create stress around packing my … Read More

Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

Yes it is safe to travel to Colombia; in fact I haven’t experienced any unsafe moment in the whole 4 weeks that I traveled through Colombia. In this travel blog tips, inspirations and information to stay safe in Colombia, South America. How to Travel Safe in Colombia I am a women traveling by myself, so you could say a bit … Read More