How I handle my Grey Hairs!

Hmmm this is a topic for probably many women and men. We all at some point have to deal with the grey hairs or get bold. For me the grey hairs appeared around the age of 4o, but I started to dye my hair two years later. A friend of mine who is my hairdresser for years advised me to use a plant based color treatment. I have natural curls and because of that my hair is more vulnerable for coloring via a chemical way. That will make my hair more brittle and more frizzy. I never dyed my hair before, so time to start with this sustainable way of coloring. I am very enthusiastic about this way of coloring and already advised is to a couple of friends that are enthusiastic too, so I like to inspire you too!

How I handle my grey Hairs!; Healthy Body and Mind Tips and inspirations BlogHow does plant based coloring work?

Unlike chemical hair methods that open the cuticle layer of the hair, vegetable colors are just one layer over the hair. The products consist for 100% of crushed plants (brand: Oliebe). The color adheres to the outer layers of the hair. As a result, the own pigment and the condition of the hair are not affected as with chemical hair dyeing. And that is why I like this treatment, you still have you own colors shades! I my case the grey hairs turn into the most light shade in my hair, almost blond. And the “side effects” are even better, my hair becomes smoother and gets more shine and the hair structure becomes firmer too. Since I am using this plant based coloring I can wear hair longer than before!

How I handle my grey Hairs!; Healthy Body and Mind Tips and inspirations BlogThe color slowly wears out of the hair, so you have to repeat it. I normally dye my outgrowth every six weeks myself for two or three times. Thereafter I go to the hairdresser and they dye it thoroughly and I put a non-coloring treatment for protection in the non-grey parts of my hair. At the same time I buy the plants for the next times. This way it is cheaper and by doing it yourself you can choose your timing and during you wait to get the plant attached to your hair you can even write a blog about it!

Tip: I normally go to the special hairdresser before I go on a holiday. This way I protect all my hair against the sun and salty sea. 

Not all positive of course but that is the same for chemical coloring; it gives a mess in your bathroom. But after practicing it gets better, get the color in a descent way in your hair; keep it warm with a hot towel and aluminum foil. This plant based coloring smells a bit for the first two days, but you get used to it.

Embrace your flaws!! Do you want to know my skin secret?!

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