Magical Milos Beaches

Milos is not the most visited Greek Cyclades island, but I don’t understand why?! I liked it the best of all the islands I visited here. Why? Because it was not so crowded and I loved the charm of this volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. Milos has many beaches (even the most of all Cycladic island) and a dramatic coastline and colorful and stunning rock formations. You will definitely enjoy this relaxed island with friendly Greek!!

Transport to and from Milos

I arrived with the Seajet ferry from Athens in the morning. The ferries run often and have several stops along the way, the fast ferries are more expensive than the slower ones. I booked a couple weeks in advance direct via the Seajet site, for 60 EUR from Athens to Milos which took over 3,5 hours.

Sailing around Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogI explored the island in two ways, by boat and by scooter/motorbike. I rented it at Smile for 18 EUR per day; many companies offer rental transport. You can rent a car or take the bus too. All have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your wallet and preferences. I’m a water person and love to be on and in the water, so a boat tour was evident for me. Some of the beaches are not accessible by road only by boat!

Hidden Beach at Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogExplore Milos by Boat

In the harbor of Adamas a lot of boats are offering daily boat tours around the island. The price differ depending on the boat, time and how many people on the boat. Walk around and ask what you need, prefer and most important the feeling you get. I ended up at the sailing boat Eleni. The tour started the next day at 8:30 AM and we returned at 18.30 PM for 80 EUR including all pictures taken, food and drinks. A long full day on the boat, on several beaches and in the water all around Milos. We didn’t sail that day and used the motor of the boat the entire trip, this to save time and see more of the surrounding.

Town of Adamas Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogWe started in the harbor and capital of Milos, Adamas and sailed clockwise around the island. We passed every small town, beach and rock formations around the island. Klima has colorful fishermen houses, known as ‘Syrmatas’, you can pull your boat underneath the house.

Houses of Klima Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogAfter passing amazing rock formations we arrived at the northern part of the island. Here you have the famous beach Sarakίniko; with amazing rock formations offsetting the blue clear waters.

Rocks formations at Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogSarakiniko rock formations at Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogWe sailed between the islands Milos and Kimolos and passing the town of Pollonia to the island Poliegos for the first swim stop in amazing blue water. A whole Go-Pro session was planned here to get everybody on camera under water.

Poliegos Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogWe got snacks and drinks along the way. The guide explained all about the island, gave tips on good restaurants and which beaches she liked the best. We passed and stopped at picture perfect beaches which some of them only accessible by boat!! The last stop at the southern part of the island is called Klefliko Beach.


Kleftiko Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogKleftiko Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogThe famous coves were an old pirates hideout, but now it’s popular for the crystal clear water and imposing rock formations. Perfect to jump in and swim underneath the stone bridges and in caves. On the west side passed a part where the rocks of the cave feel which created a hole in the ceiling of the cave. Then we went to the inner side of the island and passed an old mine area.

Rocks Sunset Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogMilos is known for the past and active mining. Then the boat headed back to our starting point, the harbor of Adamas. Perfect day, nice company, good guides, great food and treats; all in all a big recommendation!!

Explore Milos by Motorbike

If you like to be more private and explore the island, the scooter is a perfect option. I prefer the scooter above a car; it gives me the real holiday feeling. Still getting tanned, smell everything, cheaper, flexible and above all fun to do!! The island is big enough to explore by motorbike, please notice that you can’t discover the whole island due to poor roads. I saw already a lot of beached during my sailing trip (see above), so wanted to explore some beaches and the villages Plaka and Trypiti that are located in the hills of Milos. First I went to the Sarakίniko beach with the white volcanic cliffs and picture perfect blue water.

Sarakiniko rock formations at Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogSarakiniko rock formations at Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogPeople start off jumping of cliffs into the water and it already got a bit crowded. After taking some great shots and cooling dip, I headed to the Firopotamos beach.

Time for a Freddo Cappuccino and enjoying this beautiful beach and azure blue water between rocks and a small town; great atmosphere!!

Firopotamos beach at Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogBeautiful Church Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogI was getting hungry and headed the winding roads to the town Plaka for a salad at Archontoula. This place has tables in the shadow underneath the pink bougainvillea, great spot, but bit disappointed on the fish salad.

Restaurant Archontoula Plaka Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogTip: Take the Greek Salad, eat local the value for money and freshness is the best.

After lunch strolled through the labyrinthine of streets, that will be busy during sunset. Plaka has the best sunset views of the island. I don’t like to drive the scooter by night so didn’t see the sunset from here unfortunately, but more sunset places to go to. At the church Plaka you have a great view over a part of Milos.

View Plaka Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogPlathiena Beach Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogThere I saw an attractive beach to drive to, which is called Plathiena. Indeed the beach looked even better when I arrived 20 minutes later. I’m a beach girl and love to be in the water, which is perfect to cool off and relax. Then drove to the town of Trypiti, close to Plaka. All nice streets and white houses with blue accents on a hill. Cute small streets and restaurants with also sunset view.

Typical Houses in Trypiti Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogWhere to stay and eat in Milos

I booked my four nights on Milos at Hotel Ippocampos, which I will definitely will recommend to you. Panagiotis, the owner, picked me up from the boat and gave me good advices on the island. The room is neat with a good style and nice view. My room had a small seat outside where I could enjoy the sunset. The hotel is behind the Mining Museum in Adamas a bit out away from the center but close to the Papikinou beach, for me the perfect location.

Sunset Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogI had dinner at O! Hamos, the local popular tavern with great service, food and atmosphere. The restaurant has real Milos roots and uses only local island an Greek products, which I support. The serve no Coca Cola but a Greek version of the drink!! This is a popular place located at Papikinou beach, but you can’t make a reservation, be on time!

Colors Milos Greece, Greek Cyclades Travel BlogOn the main street in Adamas walking away from the harbor you will find a lot of fish restaurants. I choose the last one, Mikros Apoplous. I’m not sure if this was the right decision, it was busy, popular and food was ok but for some reason it didn’t feel that good. The location of this restaurant and others on that part of town are great, at the ocean side. If you like somewhere to eat more in the center I would recommend the Flisvos Restaurant; a long lasting traditional restaurant with good service. I had a coffee at Yankos at the corner of the harbor, a nice restaurant that was busy and offer a 6 EUR breakfast! With the coffee I got free water and a slice of cake all for 4 EUR.

Tip: The bakery at the corner, next to the supermarket (good for fruits!!), offer a great selection of sweets and savories, perfect for a cheap lunch treat on the beach.

Next ferry to Santorini or perhaps back to Athens?!

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