Activated Charcoal Toothpaste: Go or no Go?!

I the magazine I got from the local Vitamin Store, I saw an advertisement of charcoal toothpaste. I’m an innovator and like to try new things so thought; Why not? Whiter teeth sound great, right!? Not that I’m unhappy with the color of my teeth, they are not yellow or very off-white; but can always be whiter. And appealing is that you can do it all by yourself and reach a result in a couple of weeks. So worth to give it a try and bought myself a tube of “My Mud Charcoal Toothpaste” for about 13 EUR.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal is made from regular charcoal which you can fire up in your BBQ. But this activated charcoal is specifically used for medical applications. It’s created by heating up charcoal using a gas that creates large pores in the mineral which trap chemicals. Due to this special fabrication both the porosity and the surface are greatly increased and contain a very high level of adsorption. It is able to allow liquids and gases to pass through and to expose them to the carbon atoms, which bind any harmful or undesirable substances in your body. Traditionally it is used to treat intestinal gas and lower cholesterol levels. This product is odorless, tasteless and can be purchased from health food stores and pharmacies in the form of tablets; like “Norit” and water filters.

Charcoal Toothpaste Go or no Go? Healthy Body and Mind Tips and inspirationsHow does Charcoal Toothpaste work?

The ability to attract, absorb and binding with rough parts on teeth like surface stains and plaque; it makes easier to remove the yellowing color on your teeth. You have two ways to use this activated charcoal for your teeth; first you can apply the pure powder directly on your teeth to brush or use the toothpaste with charcoal incorporated. I used the second option, but I understood that the first way should be more effective.

How to use Charcoal Toothpaste?

Apply an amount of the size of a pea toothpaste to your toothbrush. Brush your teeth thoroughly for two minutes, and spit it out. Rinse your mouth and your toothbrush with plenty of water. Brush leftover carbon away with your clean toothbrush and then floss. The description says that if you use the “My Magic Mud” toothpaste once a day, you will see a visible difference after two weeks. And to prevent new contamination from adhering to your teeth, it is recommended to keep brushing this toothpaste about three times a week; or as much as you want (of course this sells better……..). They give a warning: not suitable for porous, damaged teeth or prostheses.

Tip: Be careful using it could perhaps harm your enamel (glazuur in Dutch) if you use it all the time; you need the fluoride to protect your teeth; this toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride!

My Experience on Charcoal Toothpaste

To be honest I am not too keen on this toothpaste. I noticed that my teeth are definitely smoother but to say they have become very white; No! At least nobody said to me: “Hé Mirja, what have you done to your teeth; they look so white and even!”. Besides that, because the toothpaste is black it gives a big mess in your sink and if you are not careful enough on you cloths as well. The paste tasted better that I expected and was fresh, but it looks weird, having a whole black mouth.

Conclusion: Save you time, money and hassle just buy a regular toothpaste including fluoride; which we need to protect our teeth anyway. And if you want to whiten your teeth, go to the dentist or other specialist.

No Go, but Keep Smiling!!! Check here my Skin blog, which is a Go!


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