Beach life in Tel Aviv

Me and beaches are a perfect match. Tel Aviv was a perfect city trip for me and my sister who is a beach girl too. That makes Tel Aviv so easy, sightseeing in the morning and chill on the beach in the afternoon. Visit the city in the evening/night again for a local restaurant when the temperature is pleasant. Perfect combination!

Tel Aviv has long extensive beaches along the whole city with easy access. The boulevard looks clean and comfortable and is equipped with public showers / toilets, covers for shades and even goals to play football with. There are several restaurants and vendors where you can rent a beach umbrella and a chair (only for 6 ILS, so that is cheap!).


A popular sport is called “Matkot” or how I know it, “Beach ball/tennis”. The locals take it very serious and it is sometimes difficult to enter the water between the players without being hit by the ball. The “plonk” noise could be annoying, so if you can’t stand the noise, look for a place on the beach where they don’t play the game.

The sea was calm when we were there, no significant waves for surfing unfortunately!! On the other hand relaxed to swim and to rent a board to SUP (Stand Up Peddling). There are lifeguards working at the beach, but we haven’t seen them coming into action. When we were there the lifeguards stop working around 17.15PM, which was strange because it was still so busy at the beach around that time. The microphones at the beach help you to remind that the beach is now unguarded. But from my view the sea is safe, shallow and Mediterranean clear.


The beach could get busy during Sabbath, at least the parts where we were. Most of the time we were lying between Gordon Beach and Bograshov Beach. In between you have Frishman Beach. The beaches related to the streets opposite the beach so easy to know where you are. Tel Aviv has more beaches like the close to the Hilton Hotel, Hilton Beach but we find it small. The “dogs” beach is more up north; here you can take your dog freely at the beach. All the way to the south, close to Yafa are more beaches, but we liked the first mentioned beaches better.

People sun and sit very close to each other on the beach and very close to the waterfront, we were not used to that, but here it’s normal. Also normal is that the local people smoke/blow a lot of weed. I am from the Netherlands, you could say that I am used to that, but no! People also look at each other possessions; we were asked a lot of times to watch the belongings for a group/couple of people.

Tip: Be careful with your belongings, they don’t ask it for nothing!! We haven’t seen any thefts or robbery’s during our stay.


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