Is it safe to travel to Tel Aviv?

During the time that we (my sister and me) visited Tel Aviv, there was a lot of news in the media about the war in the Gaza strip (May 2018). To be honest, our Mom was not happy that we still went. After a long interrogation at the Airport, to make sure that we went to Tel Aviv with the right intentions, we haven’t felt unsafe for a minute during our whole stay.Our hotel was across the American Embassy and people told us that was the safest place in the city hahaha. But beside that we haven’t noticed any army or police interventions. In the bus to Jerusalem we noticed a lot of young Israelis (boys and girls) with army cloths including guns, but that made us just feel safe instead on unsafe. Helicopters were flying over the beaches each 15 to 30 minutes, but that was basically it.

We haven’t noticed any robberies on the beach as well; people are very protected by their possessions. They ask each other to look after their belongings when they go into the water or play a game.

So if I were you, I will not withhold you from going because of the news and people tell you that it is unsafe.

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