Explore Tel Aviv by Bike

Of course we are Dutch and we like our bikes naturally, but if you know how to ride a bike: RENT ONE! You can choose a normal bike or an electrical one. The first one is cheaper 25 ILS compared to 30 ILS per hour. If you rent for a longer period it will be cheaper depending from 75 to 140 ILS per day/24 hours. There are many places where you can rent a bike, don’t forget to bring your ID because they need a copy as deposit. The Pole Position Bike Shop where we rented our bikes provided us with a clear map, which made it easy to explore the city.

Tel Aviv has many bike roads which is comfortable but I would not say safe. The tourist that are not used to the electrical bikes could go crazy. Be aware that with the normal bike you can ride on the sidewalk as well, but with the electrical bike you are not allowed to! So another advantage to go for the normal bike beside the price and the exercise! The traffic is used to the bikes, but you still have to be alert!

We were warned that we had to lock the bikes carefully; they recommended us to even pull out the saddle and pull it though the lock. In that case they can’t take the saddle separate from the bike. I think with electrical bike, which are more expensive, you will have a higher chance that it will be stolen. And you have to carry your battery with you……

We saw alternatives for the bike if you wish; like electrical steps, skateboards and scooters. For every traveler there is a way of comfortable travelling. Walking is a sporty alternative as well of course!

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