Route for 3 weeks Panama

Panama is a diverse country; the most amazing tropical islands, surf beaches, jungle and rainforest, mountains with coffee and of course the Panama Canal and the cosmopolitan capital Panama City. No reason not to visit this beautiful country. The country neighbor Costa Rica is much more visited then Panama in my view, but Panama is definitely not less worth to visit.  See here the route I did with all the varieties within the route.

Panama Flag; Panama Travel Blog InspirationsRoute through Panama

Here you can find the route and duration I stayed in each destination. In all individual blogs you will find the details on activities, accommodations and restaurants, including transportation tips. So please check all individual blogs to get the right tips and inspirations on this great country Panama.

Panama City and Day trip to Panama Canal

Visit this unique city with the even more unique Panama Canal: 3 nights

Sailing San Blas Islands

This was the best trip ever in my traveling experience. Sailing the remote islands of San Blas, I wish this could take forever. Check my blog to check the amazing pictures and get a good impression for your inspirations: 4 nights

Surfing in Santa Catalina and snorkeling in Parque Coiba

I always build in relax time during my trip. I love the beach and ocean. In Santa Catalina I surfed a couple of days and booked a snorkeling tour tour Parque Coiba: 5 nights

Hiking with Coffee in Boquete

Time for coffee! Panama an exporting coffee country, so time to do a coffee tour and taste some local coffee in the mountain expat village of Boquete: 2 nights

Island Hopping in Bocas del Toro

Time for some chill, surfing and chill time for my lost stop on this route through Panama. I explored a couple of islands with beautiful beaches and did a tour where I snorkeled again. I loved the accommodation Stay Bocas in Bocas Town: 7 nights

I know this is a lot of beach in this route, but you know me a beach girl! You can plan less days at the beach and add the Parque Nacional Soberanía famous for birdwatching near the Panama Canal in your route or anything of your choice.

To travel this route I used an internal flight, the public buses, mini vans of the tour operators, boats, more boats, bikes and of course my feet. The internal flight with Air Panama I booked in advance, to be sure of the right timing back to the Netherlands with KLM. The busses I booked only a day in advance or the same day, the same with the tours and minibuses. Only the San Blas Islands I booked via internet in advance.

The currency used in Panama is the $ USD and the Panamanian Balboa (PAB, I shorten it to a B) which is the same value as the USD.

Click on each individual link to get to the inspirational blogs. Enjoy!


Let Me Inspire You Island at San Blas Islands Panama; Panama Travel Blog Inspirations

Sailing San Blas

I was looking forward to this trip in my holiday, sailing in the San Blas Islands in Panama. And I have to admit, it was incredible! Of course as a...
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Skyline by day in Panama City; Panama Travel Blog Inspirations

Panama City

Panama City is a big metropolis with a huge skyline and is said to be the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America. The city is a center for international banking...
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Rainbow over Boquete Panama; Panama Travel Blog Inspirations

Coffee in Boquete

Boquete is a small town in the mountains of Panama where the climate is cool and fresh with beautiful surroundings. The area is very fertile so a lot of flowers, fruits,...
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Three lane Locks Panama Canal Panama; Panama Travel Blog Inspirations

Particular Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is one of the greatest human made wonders. It links the Pacific side (Panama City) to Atlantic Side (Colón), for about 82 km long. The water level...
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Sunset Santa Catalina Panama; Panama Travel Blog Inspirations

Surfing & Snorkeling in Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a small fisher town at the Pacific coast of Panama. It is known for its surf and diving and snorkeling trips to Isla de Coiba. The main...
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View above Bocas del Toro; Panama Travel Blog Inspirations

Island Hopping in Bocas del Toro

I was excited to go the Islands of Bocas del Toro, the tropical islands with white sandy beaches in the blue waters with palm trees wherever you look. That sounds...
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